Have you heard about our Roastery Tours (including free coffee!)? Or maybe you're just a fan who wants to take this coffee thing to the next level? However you got to this point, we're happy you're here! For the next 7 weeks, each and every Tuesday, Ritual will be offering working factory tours of our lovely and bustling Roastery space in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood. It's a great opportunity to learn more about how specialty coffee is sourced and roasted, and just what makes it so much better than the stuff your parents drank. You'll get to try samples right from the source, and walk away with a free drink card redeemable for a cappuccino (or whatever drink you fancy) at any of our locations. C'mon, tell the boss you'll be in a little late and have fun with us at the Roastery! Just click on Eventbrite link below to sign up for an available tour time :)