Joining our wholesale program is like being adopted by a wily, meticulous, militant yet nurturing band of coffee gypsies. It is much more than just a way to buy a lightly roasted, mildly stimulating product for your café or office. You have decided that you want coffee to change your life.

Ritual fought on the front lines of the new coffee consciousness that has swept the West Coast and is now heading East, forever changing how we grow, roast, and prepare this humble fruit.

And we’re still conducting ourselves in a fashion some might call revolutionary, pushing our quest for undiluted excellence forward, and we’re pretty picky about who we work with. We’ve honed our roasting style to highlight clarity, and our only blend is the rotating seasonal espresso. We want nothing to get in the way of what we have worked so hard to preserve: the intrinsic goodness of a single origin coffee bean, grown and processed with care.

We believe that success is an investment. In the same way we invest in the success of our farmers at origin, we will insure your business has all the right tools to succeed. We have an all-star training team, the most accomplished equipment service technician in the West, and we only work with equipment we can stand behind, equipment we love.

We are always on the lookout for wholesale partners who are as excited about coffee as we are- for comrades to whom coffee is more complex than wine, and just as mind-altering.

Do you want more? We’d like to learn about you, too. Please fill out the brief questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch at a rapid clip. Thanks!