Ursa Major Seasonal Espresso

Ursa Major Seasonal Espresso Blend


There’s a song some might remember from the nineties, written about a guy who could only see the Big Dipper out of all of the constellations that were pointed out to him.


Never mind that the Big Dipper is only a part of the constellation Ursa Major, or “big bear”- knowledge we gleaned from our lead trainer Daria, whose expertise in the subject goes all the way back to sixth grade Earth Science. Civilizations around the globe saw these same stars, and whether dipper or bear, the tales attributed to the forms all shared a striking similarity. 


Here in outdoorsy California, when we look up toward the stars, sometimes all we can see is the outline of the vessel we’ll have our morning coffee in, and when we look down, all around us are what the Spanish called “copas de oro”, cups of golden California poppies carpeting the meadows. The bear we’re supposed to see is strangely absent, lost somewhere like so many grizzlies that once roamed the wild land. 


In the spirit of big bears, state flowers, and our pursuit for the golden cup, we present our newest seasonal espresso blend: Ursa Major. Dip your cup into this overwhelmingly summer-like espresso.  A combination of complex floral aromas, berry and citrus acidity, and brown sugar sweetness, this espresso features three distinct coffees that come together in a way that reminds us of a fresh fruit pie cooling on the windowsill.


Comprised of Costa Rican, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan single-origin offerings–places where Ursa Major shines brightly in the night sky–this blend is roaring with flavor yet balanced in its complexity.


The Yabitu Koba from Ethiopia jumps to the front of the blend, the first sip giving a floral jasmine aroma combined with pointed lemon and blackberry acidity.


With the El Angel from Costa Rica, passion fruit leads the way, with rose hip aromas and a silky body making the perfect base for this espresso, and an excellent bridge between the seemingly disparate contributors.


This espresso grounds itself with a finish strongly influenced by the sweet, mellow Antigua offering that is the Concepción Buena Vista. Gentle lime-esque flavors pick up when the intense acidity starts subsiding, and a light, airy brown sugar finish with notes of spiced pear fold in and linger on the palate.  Each complete shot is a light and vibrant slice of sunshine.  No matter how you pull it, fresh flowers, juicy citrus, exotic tropical fruits and dessert-like sweetness await you.


Get it before the bears do!




50% Alejandra Chacón’s El Angel, Costa Rica
30% OCFCU’s Yabitu Koba, Ethiopia
20% Bernardo Solano’s Concepción Buena Vista, Guatemala

We recommend starting with the following brew parameters:
Dose: 17-18 grams in a "18g" VST or "17g" Strada basket
Favorite Dose: 17.5g

Temp: 198-200 degrees at the group

Time: 30-34 seconds

Favorite Time: 34 seconds

Brewing Ratio: 50-60% or 30-35 g of liquid
Favorite Ratio: 58%, or 30g of liquid

Shorter shots are buttery / silky / interesting acidity
Longer shots are more delicate / tealike / floral

Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group
Days Rested: 7-12

Tasting Notes: 

blackberry / jasmine / passion fruit


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